Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Finally the U.S. has stepped up the competition a little bit! It was a close in by the US basketball team against Greece. The game Sunday was just ugly and I felt bad for Tim Duncan who is by far their best player, and can do hardly anything with the ball. He's always guarded by two men and as soon as he gets the ball he's fouled. You'd think the other players would be able to do a little better, but when you can shoot a jump shot for beans, and you're playing international style, you might as well just hang up your hat now, because plowing thru the middle of the court to slam the ball and show off on the rim just ain't gonna happen.

I'm debating whether to stay up until 1230 tonight to watch the Men's Volleyball match against The Netherlands. We all know I will, so let's just end that conversation right there.

And finally, is there any commercial on anymore that does not have Lance Armstrong it? About the only one I know of is that CapriSun commercial on MTV with the slow grandma and the kid that is either a dude or dudette. Frankly the fact that they air that commercial every other time is more annoying than seeing Lance in every other one.

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