Monday, August 09, 2004

I have some issues with Amy calling me old, but I guess you can't deny the truth. This weekend I spent partying, rollercoastering, and driving. And it was tons fun. Though if it were up to me, next time I would not be paying $30 bucks to ride 4 rides at Six Flags: Great Adventure. Thanks to 1.5 hour lines, I wound up paying $7.50 per ride. Maybe Hershey Park next time where the rollercoasters are just as good (yeah they are, don't argue with me) and you can ride more of them in one day, thus paying less per ride.

I did get to do some serious DDR (that crazy dance video game with the arrows) action and found out I'm not very good. I believe "white boy" was referred to me on multiple occasions (funny being that nearly every person there was white, especially those that were making the comments). The good news I did get better, the bad news is I can't practice at home to beat people later. There's just something not right about a 23 year old dude dancing on a dance pad with his dad watching him and no one else . . .

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