Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Well, it's been an eventful few days. I spent the weekend down in Annapolis. Bought some snowboard stuff for the upcoming season, and chalked up another round at Dave & Buster's. I'll tell you what, I own that pyramid sling coin game. I bet I can win at least 500 tickets per 7 coins. What can I say? To quote a great friend of mine, "You [referring to me] are Batman!"

So my first official league volleyball game is this Thursday. And after watching May and Walsh school the Brazilians in Beach Volleyball, I am all siked up! I'm on a different team for leagues on Sunday, but that league doesn't start until September, which if you aren't keeping track, is approaching rather quickly.

So not much else to tell right now. Life has been pretty hectic lately, but should calm down here shortly. I am declaring this weekend the official Barley House Party 2004! Hopefully this will become an annual (or maybe even an e) occurrence. More to come on this event later . . .

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