Wednesday, October 13, 2004

For Sale: Red duffel bag-style suitcase. Contains some chemical that sets off the X-Ray scanner in the airport. Will be searched and chemically swiped whether you carry it on, or check it in at the airport. Provides hours of entertainment, or annoyance (depends on how you view the situation). Great for gag gift! Great for hated friend who wants to borrow your stuff to go on his trip to Australia!

Seriously now. I can't go anywhere with this thing! And the airport people won't tell me what's wrong with it. They open it up! Swab the thing with chemical cloths, swab my stuff inside. My shoes, my shirts, even my deodorant! Of course anyone's white powder Old Spice is going to look like crack in a plastic can, but hey I don't see you guys opening up Joe Cool's bag to do an inspection. Oh well. It was humorous to what them scratch their heads over this.

So there is so much to tell from Chicago if you can't tell already. I mean the story starts even before we board the plane! Now while my bag is being places into a large Ziplock bag for CSI to examine, Gary has set off the metal detector and is basically being felt and grabbed all over! He's got his shoes off and in about 10 seconds, his pants are going to be taken off next. After frisking him for 10 minutes like he was a drunk hooker, they find a small penny dug into his right pocket that was setting everything off. In the mean time, I was as the airport woman tried to decipher the flow chart in front of her as to what to do with this red bag and where to proceed next. She spends the next 5 minutes copy the information from my driver's license. Funny, I've never seen any normal worker struggle so much copying a driver's license. I guess the font was hard to read. That and her pen moved really slow. She should probably get a new one that moves a little faster.

In the mean, Randy has a very suspicious looking plastic fat suitcase that contains a whole mess of wires, prox switches, magnets and even a sharp screw driver! Of course, he zips right thru the X-Ray scanner. I mean what is suspicious about a suitcase full of that stuff? Funny, the sine there at the security showed items that would not be allowed on the plane. I though the one object looked like a screwdriver, but I must have been mistaken. I mean it's pretty easy to mistake a screwdriver for a gun!

Finally Gary is given his clothes back, I get my bag and license back and we sit down to board out prop plane to Pittsburgh. Once on the plane I reach into my wallet to discover a nice big 50 cent piece and my metal belt around my waist. Never once did it set the alarm, but a penny! Whoa look out!

We decided at that point to check all luggage in on the ride home. You can only guess the excitement then, but that will have to wait! Stay tuned!

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