Tuesday, October 19, 2004

So, I found out why I need a QuickTime plug-in to view Xanga blog pages. Apparently there is music playing in the background of the blogs. Doesn't make me want to install it. I try to keep my PC Apple-Free. About the only thing worth viewing in QuickTime is the short Troops and trailers from Episode I. Which, by the way, were way better than the movie itself.

So how about them Sox?! I watched all 14 innings last night to be absolutely encapsulated by the 8th inning. There was no turning the station at that point. I'll tell you what, the World Series is going to bore the crap out of me thanks to the Sox-Yankee series. The question on everyone minds tonight is, "Can the Sox win 2 more and make some serious history??" I'll root for 'em. Go Red Sox! Down with the Yankees!

Hey, by the way, did anyone else here that there will be no professional hockey played this year? What's up with that?

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Kathi's Mind said...

hey do you want me to take the music off my xanga so you can read it? would that help...lol, any way I do have this blogger, which by the way, I could benifit from your help! Thanks -Kathi