Wednesday, October 13, 2004

So after a nice O'Brian Burger at the Pittsburgh airport, the Automation Posse(Me, Gary, and Randy) made it to the plane to Chicago with our clothes and luggage still intact. After a few attempts of trying to get the pilot to show the Stillers game for the in-flight TV show and being declined each time, we sat patiently in the plane, waiting for our arrival. Once at the Chicago airport, we hopped a cab to our hotel (the Hyatt) just a few blocks away from the Navy Pier. We checked in and went our separate ways to our rooms only to meet down in the exhibition area where the open bar awaited my arrival. Who new conferences had open bars? Well it seems everyone but me. Though I wonder how much faulty information is being sent and received with talker and listen alike both half sloshed with the fullest bladder you could possibly imagine (Hey, I had to celebrate the Stillers' victory (is Roethlisberger the next Tom Brady or what!)!)

With the exhibits over for the night, he pick up 2 other members of The Company and head out to some good steak eating! A nice 12 oz. medium rare filet, a few more beers, some mashed potatoes, ice cream, and coffee and I was darn near full! It was great! The best part was, it wasn't my money! Though I think the bleeding steak and 5 beers had a bit of a quarrel in the stomach (that or I just ate way too much) as the next few hours after dinner were quite uncomfortable.

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