Tuesday, October 05, 2004

So it has been brought to my attention that space boy (that's me) hasn't brought up the whole Ansari X Prize deal. Well, the truth is I'm a little saddened that someone has won it and the race is over, but also I'm saddened by the media coverage. The fact is, if SpaceShipOne (and come on! Couldn't they have spiced up the name of the ship even just a little?) hadn't spun out of control on their first launch it probably wouldn't have even made the Today Show or Nightly News. It's saddens me that people would rather focus on the depressing war in Iraq and the confrontations of Kerry and Bush than on this exciting new frontier we have just taken on. I guess it's hard on someone that loves science while the rest of the world just thinks he's crazy. Oh well. You won't see me in space anytime soon. I'm not quite ready to fork over $200,000! But over time, that price will go down and space flight will become more popular and I'll get there some day. I just hope that with the X Prize finally won, private space flight becomes as big a push as they hoped. With the new X Prize Cup in the works, I think it will get there eventually.

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