Thursday, October 07, 2004

So I'm heading down to The Subsidiary tomorrow for the day. This will hopefully once and for all rid me of my dreaded web application for work. I'll be releasing the first official version. I'm sure they'll want more bells and whistles, but, you never know, I might not be up for it. I'll fix the bugs, but I may just have to pass off new features onto someone else. I wrote the documentation for the beast Monday and Tuesday. All 20 pages of text. And that was without screen shots. Though once I handed it off to our technical writer, she was more than thrilled that I had done such an efficient job on the documentation and really all she had to do were the screen shots and play with the app a little. It made the endless hours of writing this week worth while just to have someone appreciate what I've done. So anyway, let's hope all goes well tomorrow and I won't be back to The Subsidiary for Project TS (the web app is an online application that allows the company to dispatch their trucks) EVER!

With that said, I'm getting ready to head off to St. Patricks Elem. School for some Thursday night volleyball. After this past Sunday, I'm really cravin' some nice hits. Tonight's setter treats me a little better, not that my other setter doesn't, it just seems whenever I get the set . . . well, it's not a good set.

Oh yeah, I hate the Yankees!

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