Thursday, October 21, 2004

So maybe I can finally get some rest! It's been well over two weeks now since I've had more than 6 hours of sleep a night. Most nights probably border on the 5 hour slot. If it weren't for stupendous baseball, friends, volleyball, and business trips, I'd be a little better off. Oh well. What good is life if you just sleep it all away? I'd much rather experience life tired than sleep it all away.

By the way, if you decided to go to bed early last night and not watch the end of the Sox game, what was your deal? It may have been the most nerve racking game yet! But it was good. I now expect Boston fans (particularly Vikki and Megan) to just calm the heck down. Let's face it, the World Series is going to as exciting as a snail race thanks to the ALCS. I'm not making any guesses right now as to the victor. In my book, Boston has won way more than they ever have expected and my guess is this whole World Series deal is going to feel pretty surreal for them and all of their insane fans!

Does anyone else know that YOU'RE RISKING A PATIENTS LIFE!!

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