Monday, October 04, 2004

So after eating pizza and watching the Stillers for a few hours yesterday with great company I headed off to the mall to get myself some new kicks (that's shoes for you old timers reading this). I started getting some killer shin splints while running a few weeks ago and did some quick math and determined it had almost been a year since I had a new pair of running shoes! That's way too long! So I liked the pair I had had for the past 10 months so I just figured I'd get the same kind. Well, Fate told me that they didn't have my shoe size in that style at Foot Locker so I went with something new. I took them for a test drive last night at the Sunday Volleyball League. Well, at least I thought I was going to. It turned out I didn't really do a lot of moving. For whatever reason, my setter thought I just wasn't set worthy last night as I'm not even sure I got 10 sets the whole game! I didn't even break a sweat! The gel was still keeping my hair in place for crying out loud! And it wasn't as though the team we played against was super stinky, the ball just never came to me, whether it was offense or defense. So the shoes didn't get a real good workout, but the little I did play, they seemed pretty darn spectacular. Though keep in mind I've probably been running around on wooden planks for the past few months.

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