Monday, November 01, 2004

As it turns out, I'm not the only person who enjoys hitting volleyballs at high school girl's heads. One of the many Mikes (I'll refer to this Mike as "Java Mike" (he's a Java programmer, **shudder**)) that works in the IT Department at The Company had the great fortune of doing such a thing for his high school's girl's volleyball team. He said it was a complete blast! Java Mike is less than a year older than I, and when he found out he wasn't the youngest guy there 6 months ago, he was quite ecstatic (as I said before, I am no longer the youngest thanks to another Mike (I'll call him "HelpDesk Mike" since he works the HelpDesk) that started a number of weeks ago). I told Java Mike that if he gets to do it again tonight to be sure to check with the coach and see if they need another person to "help out." Turns out Java Mike's (he's not a coach, just a fan of his old high school) high school girls made it to districts and their coach wants some hard hitters drilling at their heads. I told him to "Hook me up yo!" Okay, so it's not the nicest thing in the world, but hey, they have to learn some time to stop being afraid! Jimmy is always up to teach a lesson.

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