Tuesday, November 30, 2004

First of all let me start by typing a little note to a little someone I (and Andy) call Skippy. Eehhh hem (that's me clearing my throat). "YOU SURE AS HECK BETTER NOT BLOW THINGS WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND! I ONLY PUT UP WITH YOU FOR 3 YEARS AND SHE'S WILLING TO DO IT FOR LIFE! SHE'S EVEN GETTING YOU CHRISTMAS GIFTS (Stargate SG-1 on DVD might be a good suggestion, just a heads up)!" All righty. The funny thing is said person probably doesn't even read my blog anymore and sometimes I wonder if he reads his girlfriend's. But I still love the guy. Honestly how can you not? You know Andy and were talking about the whole group living in a how together and being our own reality TV show. We obviously have the drama (way more than on other reality shows) but we both agreed it wouldn't meet its potential unless Hillner was there. Just keep that in the back of your mind if you happen to come across this some day.

So here's my other beef (there's a pun there, keep reading and find out what it is). Sometimes it's hard to fathom the world we live in and here's why. Probably one of the most disgusting things that can ever happen to a person is for you to walk into a 50-some colleague's area to talk about work. Said colleague sees you coming and tells you in a very serious tone, "Hey [insert name here]! I have something for you." Then without any warning what-so-ever said colleague squints his eyes, bites his teeth and lets a monstrous one rip! No matter how disgusting this occurrence is, there is nothing to do but laugh your frickin' head off. Why is this so funny? I wish I know but if you can picture this happening to you and you're not laughing out loud just by thinking about it, then perhaps you lost your sense of humor. Which is another thing I find hard to fathom . . .

IM Quote of the Day: What's this tampon doing behind my ear? ... And where did i put my pencil??? -- KerBear3133

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