Friday, November 26, 2004

So I’ve been tasked to discover some .NET coding standards for The Workplace. Today I finally got some time to do some research on the internet for this and came across some pretty interesting things. First of all let me point out that today was Black Friday and I was one of roughly 15 people at The Workplace. Do you know how motivated someone is when there are only 15 people in The Workplace? Not very to say the least. A few of us were ready to go play some football outside come 100PM. But hey, I was able to end the day with minimal work completed. Hey, everybody I’ve been designing software for for the last 3 weeks has been laid off. They’re in no rush anymore, and there are people at The Workplace I can know a little better . . .

Oh yeah, back to my research. So while roaming thru endless documents about older VB standards I kept seeing code snidbits with the variables “foo” and “bar.” It wasn’t too hard for me to get distracted and begin research on why people were using these dummy variables in code examples. If you at all interested in learning about foobar (not FUBAR (there will be no dirty language on this web site!)) then check out this link for an RFC document (that’s a standards document by they way for those of you who don’t know about RFCs) about the metasyntactic variables. Wikipedia also has some interesting insights!

By the way, look for the words foo and bar (but probably not baz or qux or quux or quuux or . . . well, you get the idea) to start appearing in blog entries.

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