Saturday, November 06, 2004

The state traveler has finally come to a stop . . . For a day. Thursday I left for Buffalo, NY for a business meeting Friday morning. The drive was pretty awful. Ever travel on Rt. 219 for 4 hours straight at night an in the rain and blistering wind? I wouldn't recommend it. Anywho, after at least 2 U-turns, we got to our hotel where we checked in and then headed out for some dinner. Luckily, The Boss is a wing fanatic just like me and his theory is the same as mine, "The hotter the better!" So when you're in buffalo, the place for wings is the Anchor Bar, the birthplace of the Buffalo Wing. Luckily, they had 4 different styles of wings, mild, spicy, hot and my favorite, suicidal. The Boss and I got 25 suicidal to split between us and another 25 of hot to cool our mouths down. Those were some good wings! The nose was running, the eyes were watering and the finger tips were burning. Even though The Boss and I were both sniffing for the whole meal, we both agreed we were a little disappointed with the suicidal. I was told there's a place in Altoona that has much much hotter wings. I may need to hit that place up next. In any event, I had great wings and beer at the original Anchor Bar.

So yesterday, after our meetings, we left Buffalo for The Workplace. Then I immediately left for Annapolis, MD to place some volleyball with my head coach from camp, Kelly. After a total of 8 hours in the car, and 25 buffalo wings digesting, I didn't play too hot. In fact, I think it's pretty safe to say I just about embarrassed myself on the court. Here is what I blame my horrfically awful playing on.

1) I was in the car for the last 8 hours straight!
2) It was 1100PM and let's face it, the later it gets, the worse I get.
3) In 3 hours, we only played 2 games to 11. When do you even have a change to get in the grove?!
4) I hadn't eaten since 1200PM while still in Buffalo.

So those are my excuses. We tried to drown the evening out with a little Duck Pin Bowling afterwards, but someone was misinformed about times and we only got to bowl for 30 minutes. Oh well, This morning we're heading out to IHOP so hopefully I'll get a chance to drown my sorrows there. In any event, tomorrow it's back to PA for a Jeremy Camp concert at 700PM! Hillner will be there so it should be interesting.

Finally, Don't forget to root for the Stillers! GO STILLERS!

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