Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Big layoffs at The Workplace today. Over 130 employees! I should probably not mention too much about this, but hey, it was on The News tonight so I feel I shouldn't get into too much trouble, plus I don't know more than The News stated anyway. The crazy part is, I've been working with a decent amount of those people lately on our newest project and now it seems like our project has been dramatically down-sized thanks to the changes at The Workplace. Wish we would have known before two weeks ago. That would have been quite helpful. But oh well.

In other news, Julie and I went to go hear Barney sing in County Chorus yesterday. I'm told the group as a whole wasn't as good as last year, but I thought they did pretty well. If I could have singled Barney out, I'm sure she did great! However, I couldn't even see her thanks to Big Hair Bun Girl in front of her. Oh well. Julie and I had fun and then ate pizza afterwards. Why Barney refuses to eat pizza is beyond me. I'm one for health foods as well, but you just can't pass up pizza. She'll learn once she goes to college. Although, I guess when Pizza Delivery Guy says to you, "Dude you're going to turn into a pizza," you may be eating a bit too much . . .

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