Saturday, November 20, 2004

How 'bout them Lions! What a football game! Just in case you missed the Penn State - Mich. State game, Penn State slaughtered the Spartans 37-13! I was supposed to go to the game with my friend Kate, who's a big Mich. State fan (unfortunate for her), but unfortunately work kept tied to home. I was able to poke my head up from time to time to watch a few plays (all the interceptions! It was great! What high school do the Spartans play for?), but I spent most of the time doing coding for work. Our latest project has Ashley and I quite bogged down and we both took work home to do for the weekend in hopes of being caught up to where people would like us to be next week. I was supposed to go to Erie, PA on Friday for work, but we've been so busy, that has been pushed back to next week some time (hopefully not Turkey Day). I'll most likely code tomorrow as well while I watch the Stillers (yes Janet, I know I spell it incorrectly, but that's how it's pronounced) but I'll be sure to watch enough of their slaughter giving as well.

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