Monday, November 22, 2004

Finally an evening of good volleyball playing! I always seem to play better with less than 6 on a team. Then I don't feel like I'm getting in the way. Diving is always fun and I just have lots more room to do it when there are only 5 people playing.

Other than volleyball not much else is going on. Tomorrow it looks like I'll be Solder Slave for a day. I've got about 18 little circuit boards to whip up for new time clocks that are going out to one of our daughter companies (by the way, why is it a daughter company and not a son company?). They aren't really involved. The board is just a proto-board so I've got to solder in all the leads and what-would-be traces. Speaking of soldering boards and traces, it looks like the Messiah Engineering Department got a brand spankin' new circuit board milling machine! How cool is that?! Back in my day, we had to use chemicals and dark rooms to make a printed circuit board. The miller (making no referance to my sister and her husband) is about 1000 times better than chemicals with more reliable traces (oh the problems we had with senior project) and can even do milling for surface mount stuff! I feel like I'm missing out. You feel like I'm a loser now after reading this, so it's all good.

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