Monday, December 13, 2004

GO STILLERS! I'll tell you what. I love watching the Stillers play football on TV, but that doesn't compare to seeing them play in person! The real party started around noon on Sunday when Brad, Wendy, Steph and I pulled into the $30 parking lot to do a little tailgating. By the way, 30 bucks for parking? Why haven’t I gotten into the parking lot business yet? We had a pass to get into a closer parking lot for free, but for whatever reason there was no alcohol and no tailgating allowed. There were two too many NO's in that parking lot so we decided to pay a $30 to tailgate. It was quite the crowd there let me tell ya. I may have been the only person in a whole 2 mile area without some sort of Stillers paraphernalia on my body. That changed once I got my Terrible Towel and some bumper stickers (though most of the stickers weren't Stillers related and the sayings on them are slightly inappropriate here (hey, it was for charity or something, though after the woman that asked for money from this charity came back a second time we thought something smelled a little funny. Hey she had a badge and everything. After we told her she’d already gotten money from us she asked for a shooter. What a job huh?)). Anywho we enjoyed our 4 hours of tailgating quite well. Lambert (some guy with a #28 Lambert jersey) decided to take a pee about 4 times right in front of us. One car even dragged in their own porta-potty! A group of teenage guys parked their Ford POS a few cars down from us and decided to take their shirts off at one point in the 30 degree weather and slur (major emphasis on slur) "GO STILLERS!" Finally, with my three pairs of pants, 4 shirts, winter jacket, Terrible Towel, and Santa hat, we made our way to the stadium. Despite the loss of feeling in my toes I still managed to enjoy myself watch The Bus throw a touchdown pass as well as run another one in. It was a time filled with new friends, alcohol, and a whole mess of fun! GO STILLERS!

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