Wednesday, December 08, 2004

So did you know that there is a difference between dinner and supper? I didn't know it up until I moved to The Cove. On more than a few occasions I've been asked out to dinner, but it seemed their dinner started at 1200PM. It didn't take me long to be thoroughly confused. Now I have come to realize that what I call lunch, people around here call dinner. And when you eat your last meal of the day around 600PM or so, that is actually supper. So to get caught up, here is how this works. People here get up in the morning and eat breakfast, then work and have dinner, then come home from work and have supper. I still haven't figured out where lunch went to, but it appears people just don't have it around here. Keep that in mind next time someone asks you out to dinner. They may in fact just want to have lunch.

And to give Andy a heads up, I just read they are planning to build a new Sheetz restaurant there in Raleigh, NC. The Sheetz restaurants are huge, have free wireless access points, fully automated gas pumps (you can only pay at the pump), and an expanded menu. So if you or Janet have been in Sheetz denial, it won't be for too much longer!

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