Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Vogel-miester has pointed me to a great link regarding the book The Da Vinci Code. Check it out (you may have to click thru a few ads).

To make a few side statement here I want to first say that anything lacking proof will always be called a conspiracy theory. And whose to say that some conspiracy theories aren't true? Also let me state that I am not supporting, nor disputing the facts and statements made by the author of The Da Vinci Code. Let's take a look at some of the great conspiracy theories of our time. First let's look at my favorite: alien abductions. Sure the ideas some might say are far fetched, yet there is evidence to both support and refute this theory (I've done enough research on this matter to know). To spare myself some humiliation, I will not state my person opinion on the matter of extraterrestrials here. Second, how about the conspiracy theory that the government is always watching us, all the time! Again, evidence exists to work this theory both ways. Conspiracy theories exist regarding man and dinosaurs co-existing, stolen alien technology, even disputing the fact that we walked on the Moon!

Evidence lies all around us, taunting us to believe this or dispute that. Let's face it, most people are quite closed minded anyway and they believe what they believe regardless of the real truth. The Da Vinci Code may not have an original plot or even an original idea, but maybe the author took a shot at possibly opening up the minds of his readers just a hint more. We can't learn what we don't want to. Why not get people interested in something so we find out more. Religion seekers will eventually find the Gnostic Gospels, and history about the Church and Christ if they are truely interested in the religion around them.

Without bringing my beliefs completely to the surface to be ridiculed let me leave you with a few words. Don't get so caught up in the history and factual knowledge that the Bible contains. There's more to The Book than that. My uncle claims his one seminary buddy always said, "The Bible tells you what happened, Science tells you how it happened." Perhaps a quite novel idea. History as we know it usually comes from the eye of the victor. Historical records come from the powers that win wars and burn other's documents (I'm guessing Janet may have something to say about this). Never can we truly know what exactly happened and why it happened. History is most always one sided and from a certain point of view. Don't let history be a determining factor in believing what you believe. Let your beliefs be guided by more of a . . . higher power . . .

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