Saturday, December 04, 2004

Has anyone noticed that commercials change over time? I'm not talking about commercials in general. I'm talking about specific individual commercials. One day the guy is saying this, then next day in what appears to be the exact same commercial the guy is saying something just slightly different. Let's look at an example shall we? Let's take the commercial for Brand X's heat rap. A few months ago the commercial consisted of a black middle-aged gentleman examining the rap with a completely white background. At the end of the commercial, the man says that he feels so good he could do back flips! As he assumes the back flip position (body like about to sit in a chair with arms swung back) then stands up straight and says, "Bad idea." Now when you see the commercial, its the same commercial and he still says the same thing (though way it is said with slightly different inflections) yet now the man just dances around and does not assume the back flip position. Why the change? Were people getting upset with this man about to do a back flip? Did executives think the product would sell better if the man did not assume the back flip position? What's the deal?

The most recent commercial I've seen with the minute change taking place is a commercial for Brand Y's Fajitas. At the end of the commercial some guy in mountain bike gear sees a man eating a fajita getting out of an elevator. Mountain Bike Man used to watch Fajita Eating Man eating his fajita while walking into and bumping his head on the closing elevator doors. Now Biker Dude has the doors close right on him! Why the change?! Was it too unrealistic the other way around? Did advertising experts thinks fajitas would not sell if someone only bumped their head into a closing elevator door? Instead, to really sell the product, someone had to stuck in the elevator door. These guys are genius I tell you! Pure genius (extreme sarcasm expressed right here in case you missed it)!

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