Thursday, December 09, 2004

Tomorrow is Friday! Time to celebrate (Droofus got the first buck since 1968). I'm looking forward to this weekend. Saturday I'm heading out to Pittsburgh for a wedding then hangin' out there until the Stillers game on Sunday! A little bit of tailgating and a heck of a lot of fun! I have this foobar feeling that work is going to take forever to be over tomorrow. Oh well. I guess that just means more time to code.

So let's talk about AIM away messages for a moment here. Are you an away message junkie? I am. I see a buddy has one up and I need to read it! It's an addiction. Why? I don't know. The thing about the away message is that it's an art form, much like a painting, the move creative, the more enjoyable. Andy's always got some good ones (especially when my name is in them). Vikki is apparently always going out to drink while her sister usually seems to put a decent amount of time into them to make her seem cool. If you've run out of ideas for some away messages, here are some good IM away message ideas.
  • Funny quotes from movies or TV shows. Seinfeld ones are excellent!
  • An observation that has a slight twist.
  • Making fun of your other friend's away message.
  • Saying something great about myself or the Stillers.
  • A completely random thought.
So let the creative juices flow and entertain me here people!

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