Wednesday, December 22, 2004

So here was my workday yesterday. Get up at 5AM and leave for Erie, PA at 6AM in The Van. Make it to Erie by 10AM and begin work. Install a new Workplace Time Clock. Install a new PC for a production plant by 11PM. Go get lunch at 1PM at Sheetz (Mmmmmm).

Let's take a slight break here. On Monday, Help Desk Mary made reservations for Dave (may also be referred to as Do Dah, Rudolph, or "Hey can you work any slower?!") and myself to stay over at Erie. Well Do Dah and I were not exactly thrilled to spend the night so we decided we would try to get everything done and leave Erie in the evening. Around lunchtime we were informed that the next day the forecast in Erie was for "heavy snow." Now, about this same time we were also informed that "heavy snow" in Erie is nothing like heavy snow we have ever seen back home. We’re talking like up to 6 inches of snow an hour! YIKE! With this in mind, Do Dah and I decided to work as hard as possible to get everything done and not have to stay over and be stuck in Erie, PA for the holidays. Okay, back to my timeline.

Begin installing hardware for wireless communications at 130PM and finish by 530PM. Weather forecast is calling for freezing rain, sleet and heavy snow! Already there is a nice wind blowing from the lake. Call and cancel reservations since it looks like we'll be heading for home in about 1.5 hours. Begin connecting cables and configuring new wireless hardware at 630PM. Uh oh…trouble at 700PM – Can't get wireless network to communicate. Doh! There’s no waiting until tomorrow because hotel reservations are canceled and there is some monster storm heading our way. At 800PM we are still troubleshooting the communication problem. Call up Tim the Cisco guy and have him VPN into The Workplace and take a look at the IP address for the wireless Cisco bridges we are trying to get to work. Doh! Tim only has a dial-up link to The Workplace so wait 30 minutes for him to modify IP addresses. Everything works perfectly by 9PM and we rap things up by 10PM. Go eat and leave frickin' Erie, PA by 1030PM. Stop at Sheetz and get gas and clean off windows and head lights and head for home! Hmmm, 12AM and it's very hard to see . . . but it's clear outside and the moon is shining. 1230AM – Can no longer see most of the line markings on the road. Decide that my headlights are completely caked with dirt and grime and also realize I can no longer see out the back window either. Oh well, I'm not stopping! It's frickin' one in the morning! Luckily the moon is out and casting some light on the road. Keep cars in front of me so I can see where turns and road changes are. Cross the centerlines a few times. Finally, pull into my driveway at 2AM and fall into bed.

Let me just say, it will be a looooooong time before I go back to Erie, PA again.

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