Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I must have missed something. Last time I checked the New England Patriots were one of the best teams in the NFL this year with a record of 12-1 (their one loss was to Pittsburgh of course), and the Miami Dolphins were one of the worst teams in the NFL with a record of 2-12 (or something like that). So how is it that when these two teams play each other, the worst team in football defeats one of the best teams? Am I missing something here? Did Tom Brady completely blow it or what? At one time I was thrilled that the Stillers defeated the unbeaten Patriots but now that they have had a loss to the Dolphins, I’m not as excited anymore mainly because my posse and I could defeat the Miami Dolphins in a backyard bowl. It's no big feat anymore. But hey I guess when Tom Brady stinks it up, he really stinks it up. Maybe you New England fans should find a quarterback that won’t lose to the worst team in football.

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Andy said...

4 interceptions for male-modelesque Tom Brady....when he honks, he really honks