Monday, December 27, 2004

So my birthday is finally over and hopefully with it will go the depression of being another year older. Let's not mention the B word for a long time!

So today I skipped out of work (with the bosses permission) so I could have lunch with some old high school friends of mine I haven't seen in a year. We do this lunch thing at Issacs in Lancaster with our calculus teacher every year after Christmas. It's great fun. I get caught up with my best friends from high school and a great teacher! It's amazing how we've all changed in the 5 years since high school, yet all still remain the same. It's also neat to see how dynamic our little group has become over the years. Our careers vary from radio in LA, to Parkinson's research in Atlanta, to teaching in London, to programming in quite dull New Enterprise, PA. But hey, it's great to see some familiar faces and hear how well life is going for them.

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