Thursday, December 23, 2004

So here I sit, it’s 204PM, Thursday afternoon and I am stuck at The Workplace trying to do work. It’s just not happening.

So here I sit, typing to you my loyal fans and attempting to at least entertain someone.

So here I sit to inform you that last night I went out to bar called Coaches in Bellwood where I had pizza and beer with some volleyball buddies. Why do half of my friends have to be teachers and get out of work for the next week and a half? It just doesn’t seem fair. And if Steph plays Free Falling one more time…

So here I sit to tell you that I went to the mall before going to Coaches last night. Big mistake! I didn’t know there were that many people in the Blair County area! But hey, the Eddie Bauer clerk was cute and she had red hair so it made the time worthwhile.

So here I sit trying to stay occupied. Unfortunately we have killer network security here so I had trick them and download VB projects that were actually games made by Joe Shmoe.

So here I sit, playing Connect 4 and kicking some serious computer bootie!

So here I sit, waiting, just waiting for that email that tells me to go home early. Where are you great email?! WHERE?!

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Andy said...

forget connect 4, yahoo pool is where it's at