Sunday, January 30, 2005

Another weekend has come and gone and with it, a few insights of life. The first came upon me while I was sleeping last night (actually it was this morning as I didn't get home until 330AM). I had a dream that I was back in school, studying for a test. When I awoke for a brief dream break, I thought to myself, "Man am I happy I never have to do that kind of crap ever again!" The second insight hit me like a sack of bricks. As if I'm not depressed enough about my current age, as I was watching some other teams play volleyball earlier this evening I thought, "I wonder if I will be one of those old people playing the game some day? Right now I'm a young buck playing with the older guys. What will I look like when I'm the older guy out there? How can I ever not be in my 20's?" That thought pretty much did me in for the night. The thought is still in my mind, but I'm slowly getting over it. The kicker came when I thought of myself teaching my daughter (I don't have one yet people, don't worry) how to play volleyball and if I'd ever play in tournaments with her.

Okay, I need to shake these thoughts. So you might be wondering why I got home at 330AM this morning. Well, there's this night club called the YP in Ebensburg, PA where a band called Giants of Science was playing. Though she'll deny it, Steph is a big groupie and follows them all over the state. They were good. We ate, drank, and were merry (some merrier than others). I wore The T-Shirt. I'd tell you what was on it, but this site does need to remain a PG rating (I pretty much killed the G rating last week with my Tom Brady hate post). Let's just say it wasn't pretty and because of it, some people were dancing a little too close to me. But it was still fun. If things like that bothered me, then I'd be bothered, but hey, I didn't know anyone there and they were all drunk off their butts so what did I care? I thought The Vikster could down the drinks . . . Just wait until you meet my friends from around here . . .

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