Friday, January 07, 2005

I would have blogged last night, but when the cable is out, so it the cable modem internet connection. I guess some places got a little more ice than we did. Those places apparently house our cable provider. Oh well. Last night was Thursday night vball league and I got picked up for yet another league. This one however is the Mecca of all volleyball leagues in the area. The Altoona Men's Power League. It's where the best of the best play. The only bad thing is apparently the cockiest of the cockies play there as well. I'm told the team I'm playing for is the worst team there, which is fine because with arrogant people playing, I'd rather play with people who are there to have fun then to slaughter people. So we'll see how that goes.

So here's a little tidbit of advice. If you ever have the opportunity to eat Rocky Mountain Oysters, you may want to stay clear. Sure the name sounds harmless, however you are actually eating testicles! Sounds yummy huh? Most of the time these are fried and seasoned bull testicles, but they could be turkey or lamb testicles as well. I'm told they are rather quite tasty, but I think I'll stay away from those. I mean, how would I like it if after I was dead someone cut my testicles off and fried them up for dinner? I don't think I would.

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