Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Now I understand that come wintertime the roads can get a little slippery, so we put down antiskid to keep our tires from sliding around. This is okay with me, as long as there is a limit to the amount of antiskid we put down. Let me give you an example. At The Workplace we’ve had a few snows that have induced us to put down some antiskid around the parking lot and entrance. This is all fine and dandy except that the antiskid was applied in excessive amounts. And in my opinion, excessive amounts of antiskid isn’t really any better than just plain snow. It’s still as slippery because now you just slide around on small stones instead of the snow. Only worse, snow eventually melts, the antiskid stays there. And then the next snow comes and more antiskid is added! We need to stop this insanity now before I can’t even drive up the small hill outside The Workplace.

Tea Bag Quote of the Day: Mind [sic], like parachutes work only when they are open.

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