Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Well, it looks like winter has finally arrived with a few inches of snow. The temperatures are cold (it was 0 degrees this morning when I left for work); some days even cold enough to wear a jacket (today was the first). With any luck The Knob will have more than 8 trails open by this weekend.

On a completely different topic, one of my friends has a dog. Now this is a tiny dog (though I hear he can be viscous) and the dog can barely walk (it seems to enjoy trying to walk on two legs and then falling over and not getting up), but for whatever reason, this dog loves to lick things. Mostly, my hands and fingers. Why this is, I have absolutely no idea. They don't taste like anything to me, and I rarely wash them (oh don't be grossed out, you readers know my habits). But its not just the hands and fingers. He also enjoys licking my pants and face if my hands are unavailable. Two things baffle me here. Why this dog loves to lick human body parts so much and why I let the dog lick as long as he wants (though not my face). Today's record was about 10 minutes...the most yet!

On a side note, I came across http://dunkindonutstalk.com and thought of Vikki . . .

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