Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Day 23! I am off the planet and back to my family! I showed the Emperor Doople who was the real boss and carried my piggy bank back to my ship! So now that I'm free from the Pikmin's grip, I can finally be social least until I pick up Pikmin 2...

So why do you think all field reporters feel the need to tell us their name after each report? Who came up with that idea? It's obviously something they all have to do, local and national alike. But do I really care? No. Does anyone else care that Sarah Burgett reported to me from State College or that Jon Hesslman gave me the weather live from Johnstown? No. Yeah I'm glad they shared with me what they did, but I don't need to know their names after every single report! Maybe once a week or so they can share their name with the world for those people who just moved here and are tuning in. But I don't need to be told their names every half hour.

One more thing, how many commercials are there now that have babies talking in them? What's the big draw? I'm not going to eat Quizno's subs because some 10 month old baby (that can't actually talk) told me too. Maybe if Darth Vader, or Jarod told me too I would, but not Baby Dribble. Sorry.

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