Tuesday, January 11, 2005

So it's day 20, and I only have 2 more pieces of my space ship left to collect (yeah that's right, Amy, eat your heart out)! I'm talking about Pikmin again here. I have pretty much shunned my social life completely for the past few days to play this game. It's amazing how much more I am kicking butt the second time around. I have about 500 of the little guys doing my bidding and they aren't quitting any time soon. I wonder what happens when I collect all my pieces by day 21? Hopefully I'll look for more pieces that I have not accounted for. If only my life were Pikmin...

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a video game junkie. I once played for 10 hours straight, stopping only to urinate, defecate, and eat. The game was Dynasty Warrior 3 (aka Slice Slice Slice) and I was a senior in college. I was the hot chic with the frisbees of death. I either skipped class to play or I was done early. I don't recall much from that day, all I know is that I had racked up the maximum possible points (999,999) by hour 7, and the only enemy that was giving me trouble was Lu Bu himself. The glutton was somehow the only character almost invincible to any attack I threw at him. Luckily Waldo joined the action at some time and together we were able to overpower the goliath and return order to the ancient orient.

Someday I hope to beat the 10 hour record. I'm not sure yet what game it will be, but I'm sure it will be my greatest achievement ever!

Video Game Quote of the Day: I lost a bomb, do you have it? -- Crazy Ivan (Red Alert 2)

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