Monday, January 10, 2005

You want news? Here's my news: It's still frickin' warm outside! I haven't worn a coat yet this year (grant it I am able to maintain my body temperature in a very unhumanistic manner minus my metal plated mandible and phalanges (those are not metal plated))! Those weather forecasters say cold is coming this weekend, but I'll just wait and see.

Let's talk football here a little. Looks like Favre choked again! What's his deal? He plays well in the regular season, then come playoff time he's throwing 4 interceptions and flippin' the ball yards past the line of scrimmage, all the while with a dorky grin on his face. Honestly, if you can't handle the playoffs, then maybe it's time to just walk off gracefully. I'm just saying . . .

Next weekend we've got Jets vs. Stillers, Colts vs. Patriots, Vikings vs. Eagles, and those two other teams that no ones is in the post season. Come on now! The AFC Championship game will be way more exciting than the Super Bowl. The Stillers vs. Colts (yeah that's right Vikki, I just don't think your Boston Fan Club is up to the challenge this year) match up should be quite the spectacle. And by the way, those of you who think I jumped on the Stillers bandwagon this year can check posts from last year and see, I was a supporter well before The Rothlisberger made his debut. It'll be black and gold for one long year! GO STILLERS!

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