Sunday, January 16, 2005

Here are some suggestions to have a fun weekend.
  • Drive 4 hours to play volleyball from 900PM to 100AM non-stop
  • Stay up until 600AM to finish a stupid game of trivial pursuit 90's edition (alcohol should be included)
  • Get up at 1200PM and eat at the sleeziest diner you can find where the medium drinks are smaller than a cocktail glass
  • Eat delicious homemade pizza while watching the Stillers pull off one heck of a victory against the Jets.
  • Stay up until 100AM to watch M. Night Shamalamadingdong's The Village and play Uno (alcohol should be included here too...a pack of 30 should suffice 3 people for the evening (it is then fun to make a tower of cans with all the empty cans!))
  • Continue to stay up and just talk about girls (*giggle giggle*) 'til 430AM
  • Get up at 1200PM again and head back home to play in 2 different volleyball leagues
  • Finally, type blog so all will know how to have a super fun weekend!

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