Sunday, January 09, 2005

Side bets always seem to make the playoffs even more fun to watch. Due to a loss by San Diego last night, Brad will be sporting body paints and designs of Steph's choosing next weekend. I'm only sorry I won't be around to see that. Sorry Brad...I was routing for you...

So I finished my 30 days of Pikmin and was only able to obtain 25 out of 30 pieces of my broken space ship. The game kept telling me I didn't need all 30 of them (though finally by the end of the game I decoded the stupid color code in the texts on the screen), but I guess I left the wrong 5 pieces behind because my ship didn't make it very far off the ground. Then those little devilish Pikmin snatched me up and turned me into a Pikmin! And then they proceeded to circle around me and jump up and down like wild monkeys on a tree during a full moon. Oh don't worry though! I'm starting over and I will have all of my ship ready to go by day 30! And then I will laugh at those Pikmin while they stand alone on their bizarre world and try to fend for themselves! Bwa ha ha!

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