Sunday, January 02, 2005

I've lived thru a lot a catastrophes in my lifetime. Two space shuttle explosions, September 11th, hurricanes such as Hugo and Andrew. Those events however cannot even compare to the disaster in South-East Asia. A thirty foot rise and fifty foot westward shift in one of Earth's tectonic plates causes a wave to travel at 500 MPH and come crashing to the shores or dozens of countries at a height of 60 feet. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed with even more injured and without families. Can we as people even fathom that sort of number of people? That would be like Beaver Stadium being filled and overflowing with people. And just like that, they are gone. That's 0.003% of the population of this world. That number may sound small, but the fact is, it's a percent of six billion plus.

What's left now is a clean up effort with relief and support teams. More people will die from disease, illness, and homelessness. As a Christian, it's a hard time to understand the will of God. Why the sudden and catastrophic act of randomness? What is it now that we are supposed to do? Some will be called to go there and help, others will help from home. Some will morn while other will pray. If you're looking for a website with information on the efforts in South-East Asia and how you might be able to help, check out There's information on missing people, how and where you can donate money, as well as news and updates. Maybe it's time to stop asking, "Why did that happen?" and start asking, "What can I do?"

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