Monday, January 03, 2005

What the crap?! Another day above 50 degrees weather! The Knob has closed up shop for now and I am slowly seeing my $250 season pass tumble down the slopes like an out of control skier wearing hunting camo. Although, I checked back in The Archives (my previous blogging posts) and discovered that last year at this time it was even warmer! And then we got hit with a crap-load of snow! Doug (graying ski-bum Network Administrator from The Workplace) and I are both a little skeptical of the approaching season but are keeping our heads up.

Oh dear! I almost forgot about the joyous occasion of The Giving of the Gifts for this year's Solstivus Celebrations! The Giving of the Gifts was slightly delayed due to the fact that a few of the Solstivus Elders were unable to attend the meeting ground until New Years Day. But hey, it was the greatest Solstivus EVER! The Spirit of Solstivus was truly upon us! So much so in fact that it even provided us with the first Solstivus Revelation! The true name of The Spirit of Solstivus appears to be Kathyrn. Who would have guessed? Also, a new type of gift category was added to the mix to be known simply as For Display Purposes Only. These are "gifts" that are only to be gazed upon with awed eyes. Such gifts included the likes of the last pair of Dead Gene's underwear, pictures of a Solstivus Miracle (The Miracle of the Poop) and most disturbing of all, pictures of my recent uncle's colonoscopy. Don't turn that disgusted face at me! There's more!

Gifts that were given this year include the likes of previous Hall of Fame gift, Used Burnt Guy's Travel Urn, a paper leaf with attached string, old fax machine manual, Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel Air button pin, a urine strainer with matching urine cup and even Japanese Chick Flick (though I'm told it's in English with Japanese sub-captions). These were just a fraction of the gifts being offered for this year's Giving of the Gifts. A true Solstivus Miracle! Friends take note! My Solstivus Sac is just as full with new goodies for you all this year as it was last year!

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